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Professional to Professional

This is a short list of our services.


  • English < > French
  • French and English > Spanish

Project management

  • Support from start to finish to avoid costly errors and ensure greater efficiency


  • We are fully qualified to take care of the localization of your Web site, Web application or software interface


  • Polishing your texts and giving them added punch


  • Nothing rivals a trained eye for catching errors and avoiding reprinting costs


  • Our expertise helps you get a handle on your various language projects.


Our services

Our commitment to our clients is simple and straightforward – accurate, excellent work delivered on time, every time. We pride ourselves on developing client relationships that extend beyond a given job. Our dedicated client service ensures that we genuinely understand the context for each translation job, and do not overload our translators beyond professional capacity. The translation process is not complete until the client signs off on receipt of an acceptable end product.

Each document Adéquat returns to the client is ready to use - that is, the translation is complete and the document's format, style sheets and overall layout have been replicated in the translated text. This enables the client to use the translated document as the original was intended without any further time or resources being required to replicate the physical format of the original text.


Timely delivery of every job, every time

Turn-around times are based on client needs and client deadlines. Our commitment is to 'turn on a dime' to meet the needs of our clients - we understand that translation requests come in unexpectedly sometimes and must be satisfied even in the face of short deadlines. Adéquat is able to set up different rates for different turn-around times, thus increasing client control of costs.



Our fields of expertise

Adéquat has extensive experience translating documents that cover a wide range of subject areas, including databases, information and records management, health and healthcare, water gardening, human resources, information technology, payroll, social services, transport and more. No subject area is beyond our capacity and we invest our own time in the learning required to accurately and effectively translate content that is new to us. We also have expertise in the translation of original software programs, for example proprietary payroll management and processing software, and associated online help files.


Our tools

We have extensive expertise working with cutting-edge software tools to streamline the translation process – for example: a translation data base maintained for each client file to eliminate redundant translations from job to job, thus keeping down costs for our clients; online reference tools to verify understanding and thus ensure accuracy of translation output; and online job-tracking tools to ensure each job is monitored from arrival into Adéquat’s office through to delivery back to client contact.

The software applications that we use are:

  • memoQ – a computer-aided translation environment
  • FLOW - job tracking software that enables clients to send Adéquat job requests via the Internet and permits Adéquat to manage each job through to completion with a consistent tracking number
  • Microsoft Office suite, PageMaker, FrameMaker and QuarkXpress


Coherency, consistency, and the right word

At Adéquat, we create customized, online databases of subject- and client-specific terminology to increase efficiency of time and resources spent on each job. Each database is created in collaboration with the client to allow for preferred terminology within a given subject area and to ensure that nuances of difference are accounted for. Our translators make constant reference to these databases to ensure accuracy of terminology from job to job for the same client.


Safeguarding the confidentiality of information

We take the security and privacy of client data very seriously. Information that comes into Adéquat's office is handled in the strictest of confidence. Our professional translators have all signed pledges of confidentiality and practice 'privacy guidelines' in keeping with current provincial and federal government standards.

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